Newsletter | April 3, 2024

04.03.24 -- Boosting Recruitment and Retention with Patient-Centric Hybrid Approaches

How To Realize The Value Of Patient-Centric Solutions

To fully realize the value of patient-centric solutions, they should be integrated throughout the concept to trial completion timeline. Discover the extent to which implementation of these solutions can speed up recruitment time.


A Solution For Recruiting And Retaining Rare Disease Patients

Patient-centered solutions can help research sites expand their geographic reach and provide clinical care to rare disease patients worldwide. Discover how MRN's Home Trial Support solution can support recruiting and retention of rare disease patients.


Protocol Designs That Maximize The Value Of Hybrid Clinical Trials

The increasing use of hybrid clinical trial solutions has resulted in a demand for personalized, convenient, and easy-to-understand processes for trial participants and healthcare professionals. By emphasizing patient experience during trial design, sponsors can optimize the benefits of hybrid trials by balancing technology with in-home care, site visits, logistics, and other critical factors to arrive at the ideal trial design.


What Are Hybrid Trials Like For Patients?

Hybrid trials are advantageous for sponsors and CROs as they provide improved participant enrollment and retention opportunities. By allowing participants to complete some of their clinical visits at home or in their local communities, they are encouraged to take part in groundbreaking research. However, what are hybrid trials like for participants?


The Role For Decentralization In Condensing Timelines

Learn from industry experts as they explore decentralization's role in enhancing patient experiences, reducing dropout rates, and optimizing trial timelines. Discover practical insights on integrating a holistic approach into your next trial for improved efficiency and budget management.