Article | March 12, 2019

Bringing Quality, Innovation And Experience To Rescue Studies

Source: Cenduit LLC

By Dan Pavitt, Associate Director of Business Solutions

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Can you really improve the economics and safety of clinical studies by choosing expedience over expertise?

The answer is a decisive “no,” from every sponsor who’s asked Cenduit to rescue a study after initially choosing an eClinical suite for convenience – only to learn that the IRT module was bolted on, unintegrated, inflexible, and unsupported.

You Get One Chance to Make a First Impression

Too often, sponsors experience problems when their Interactive Response Technology (IRT) is tacked onto a large eClinical suite, without the proper service delivery strategy behind it. The suite providers don’t always understand how to use or support IRT, and sometimes the study hits a wall: The EDC module won’t talk to the IRT module. The drug file order formats don’t adhere to the required standards. Complex supply chain needs go unmet, so the supply chain doesn’t function. Data integration outside the eClinical suite is difficult, costly and time consuming. The list goes on…