Brochure | April 5, 2019

Clinical Development Solutions Brochure

Source: United BioSource LLC (UBC)

UBC’s experience in strategic clinical development and execution of both registrational and peri-approval studies spans four decades, across most therapeutic areas, and around the world. UBC’s clinical teams collaborate with sponsors to help ensure conclusive study results and meet global regulatory submission requirements. We understand patient and population dynamics, global treatment and practice patterns, and challenges in settings of care.

Reducing Cost with Innovation

  • Recognizing sponsors' multiple cost drivers, our collaborative team of project managers, CRAs, physicians, nurses, statisticians, and data managers will ensure conclusive study results through:
  • Innovative, practical, and scientifically rigorous study design
  • Cycle-time reductions through smart feasibility and streamlined startup processes
  • Quality metrics for customized, flexible reporting on operational data to make the right decisions early and ensure high quality data and accelerated timelines
  • Cross-functional risk-based monitoring techniques
  • Technology-enabled physician and patient recruitment, ensuring accelerated enrollment and higher patient retention
  • Deployment of Home Health Nurses to reduce costs and patient burden