Clinical Resourcing

Source: KPS Life LLC

Although KPS is not a clinical staffing firm, they maintain personal relationships with some of the most highly experienced and sought-after clinical professionals in the industry.

So, when our Sponsor partners need top-notch professionals — across specific functional areas like monitoring or study management — they trust us first.

Why KPS?

  • We know the industry

Our recruiters are industry experts with rich professional networks. When a Sponsor needs a specific type of clinical expertise, for a specific period of time, our people know exactly who to call.

  • You have complete control

We identify a short list of top-tier clinical professionals who match a Sponsor’s needs. The Sponsor is then intimately involved in the process of hand-picking the ideal candidate for the job.

  • We’re built to support you

Whether a Sponsor needs 1 person 100 — to start in four days or four months — KPS is built to deliver. And your resources are supported by a dedicated Program Manager to ensure your success.