Clinical Storage And Distribution Services

Source: Bellwyck Pharma Services
Bellwyck Clinical Storage and Distribution

Cold-chain logistics expertise

Our GMP-compliant storage capacity, cold-chain logistics expertise and global distribution capabilities means we can fulfill your unique needs no matter the size or scope of your project.

Bellwyck has significant expertise in the field of cold chain logistics and multiple solutions are available depending on your specific project requirements. In fact, approximately 70% of our total global shipments are temperature-controlled.

Refrigerated, frozen, and ultra-frozen storage

Your storage needs play a critical role in your clinical study. While your temperature, storage capacity and security requirements will vary, Bellwyck is prepared for any need you may have. Our storage capacity includes controlled room temperature (15-25°C), refrigerated (2-8°C), frozen (-20°C), and ultra-frozen conditions (-70°C, -80°C & LN2) – plus the ability to store controlled substances.

Global temperature-controlled distribution

We have facilities in the United States, Canada and Europe providing domestic overnight shipment capabilities to the majority of North American and EU investigators. We have established depots in strategic locations worldwide to facilitate global storage and distribution, under the oversight of our dedicated and experienced project management team.

Returns, Reconciliation and Destruction

When a study ends, there may be drug product leftover and/or unused product that must be managed. The proper accountability and eventual disposal of your product is extremely important. We can support your needs for reconciliation and accountability. Your clinical supplies can be returned to Bellwyck where we will manage destruction activities, organize materials into appropriate waste-streams and issue a Certificate of Destruction to close out your study.