Case Study

Clinical Supply Optimization: Building Trust To Ensure Patient Safety


Fisher Clinical Services was contacted in early 2013 by a virtual biotech that had a set of unique challenges. With just one compound in the pipeline, the company was in trouble because its previous vendor made drug supply errors that compromised patient safety in Phase II. Not only was the clinical team navigating the ethics investigation triggered by this violation of trust, the legal team was fending off lawsuits from investors.

Though feeling let down and gun shy after this experience, the clinical team still needed help with their supply program so they approached Fisher and others. While they asked all the usual business process questions there was an extra level of hesitancy based on their troubling experience. So the Fisher team went the extra mile to reassure the clinical group that they would be in good hands for the long term. Comforted by this and confident in Fisher’s ability, the team moved forward with Fisher for Phase III.