White Paper

Clinical Trial Disclosure Management: Build vs. Buy

Source: TrialScope
Business Group Meeting

Because software development is our core competency, TrialScope continues to make a significant investment in our technology. We employ agile methodologies to ensure that we can maintain a continuing level of responsiveness as disclosure requirements evolve across registries and regions.

Several top clinical trial sponsors initially had chosen to develop their own disclosure management solution. However, five of our existing customers abandoned that approach and ultimately selected TrialScope Disclose™ as their disclosure platform.

These organizations understand the ongoing investment required to support an internal platform and chose to refocus their resources on core competencies and lower the overall cost of ownership.

The big challenge for trial sponsors is that trial transparency remains a “volatile” area with continuously evolving requirements and expectations. Unlike other areas of clinical R&D, where change is more gradual and it is possible to update applications only on an annual or even less frequent basis, clinical trial transparency is expected to continue to change rapidly for at least another five to six years.

Following is a rundown of the numerous reasons why top life sciences organizations have turned to TrialScope for their disclosure solutions rather than embarking on an internal development effort.