Clinical Trial Drug Packaging

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Clinical Trial Drug Packaging

A critical issue in supplying costly and sensitive biological drugs for clinical trials is the quality of packaging components and materials. Not only must it be robust enough to protect against temperature excursions, the packaging must also prevent damage due to humidity, light, oxygen, shocks, pressure, vibrations and X-rays encountered during any shipping method—truck, train, boat or plane.

For more than 25 years, sponsors across the world have trusted their clinical trial packaging needs to the experienced teams at Fisher Clinical Services. When it comes to packaging your clinical trial material, you know there is more at stake than deciding which service provider can bottle, blister or wallet. Fisher Clinical Services understands that what really matters are timelines, expertise and innovation.
Whether your trial is a small Phase I or a multinational global Phase III trial, Fisher Clinical Service’s experienced project management team brings a depth of expertise in packaging design and process automation:

Shorter Timelines
Compared to small molecule therapeutics, the high value and short expiry of biologics put clinical supply teams under greater pressure to meet tighter timelines. At the end of the day, your critical path is all that matters. We always keep that in mind. We have delivered cycle-time reductions in the most arduous circumstances, in order to ensure that the patients have the drugs they need.
We can engineer automated solutions to speed progress and reduce temperature excursions and other risk throughout your clinical supply chain. Our team of experts is at hand to deliver the agility and flexibility you need to overcome the most challenging obstacles in your clinical supply chain, without comprising crucial timelines.

Global Project Management Team
Our global project management team is over 200 strong. We specialize in providing critical insight and recommendations on best practices for any type of trial, no matter what size your trial is or which geographies you need to serve. Our experts understand the ins and outs of global clinical packaging for large molecule therapies and deliver the flexibility and agility necessary to meet critical timelines.

Packaging Design & Innovation
From simple pack design to complex, unique packaging requirements, our packaging design and engineering team can advise and guide you on the optimal configuration. Our solutions offer practical approaches to support everything from complex temperature requirements to packaging and label options that are designed with the patient and site in mind. Whether you need the labeling and assembly of prefilled syringes, device blinding for inhalers and vials, or advice on the packaging and distribution of controlled substances, Fisher Clinical Services can provide guidance on a full range of your packaging requirements.

Whatever challenge you face, the Fisher Clinical Service design team can help you with your most daunting design requirements or simply review your current plans for packaging and provide deeper insight into industry best practices.