White Paper

Clinical Trial Transparency: The Technology Imperative

Source: TrialScope

By Matt DeFranco, Senior Product Specialist

Clinical Trial Transparency: The Technology Imperative

Clinical Trial Transparency is a broad term that covers the sharing and use of clinical trial data across global registries as well as other sponsored channels. Proponents of greater clinical trial transparency cite improved patient care, research advances and overall better healthcare systems as benefits. Sponsor companies are taking varying approaches to transparency, driven in large part by clinical trial registration and reporting regulations.

The combined effects of increasing complexity, shorter deadlines, and continued demands for greater transparency have created a perfect storm for clinical trial sponsors. From this storm, the technology imperative has emerged. As sponsors move forward in their clinical development activities, accurate and timely disclosure and results reporting is becoming a greater priority. Sponsors of all sizes are looking to mitigate non-compliance risks while improving efficiencies, with technology and repeatable processes playing a key role in this strategy.

This paper looks at clinical trial transparency and the driving forces behind it to better understand the role of technology in the execution of a solid clinical trial transparency policy.