Commercial Regulatory Approval And Market Adoption Expertise

Source: INC Research/inVentiv Health


You want real-world evidence? You need a real-world partner. We’re closer to today’s commercial realities than any other CRO or HEOR vendor.

Do You Have the Evidence Needed to Support Both Regulatory Approval and Market Adoption?


  • Obtaining regulatory approval can be complex and costly 
  • Overcoming commercial hurdles to achieve market adoption is increasingly challenging 
  • Payors, Providers, HTA, and Government stakeholders are becoming more sophisticated in their demand for product value and real-world evidence 
  • Manufacturers must demonstrate an evidence package that can push through an ever widening gauntlet of access barriers

Our Solution: 

  • INC Research/inVentiv Health combines the essentials of Real-world global research—such as clinical and methodological expertise, trial infrastructure, and scientific rigor—with the business acumen, consulting insights, and problemsolving capabilities of a world-class commercial organization 
  • These capabilities allow INC Research/inVentiv Health to bridge the gap between clinical development and commercial success