Complete Ransomware Prevention & Detection Software For Life Sciences Companies

Source: Egnyte
Egnyte Ransomware

Lock down file access with a least-privilege, granular permissioning model to reduce the risk of attack - even in mobile and highly distributed organizations.

  • Apply out-of-the-box classification patterns to locate and classify files containing sensitive information.
  • Be prepared in the event of compromise by minimizing traffic flows to sensitive data in advance, with only a few clicks.
  • Recognition of Ransomware
  • Combine signature and non-signature based protection into a coordinated and integrated solution, without any administrative burden.
  • Even when an infected file does not match a known signature variant, Egnyte’s ML-based behavioral analytics will identify and flag patterns of file activity indicative of ransomware—such as renaming, deletions, and changes in file entropy.
  • Fully cloud-based, there is never any maintenance required to be covered by the latest available releases.

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