Cost Savings Of Conducting Clinical Trials In The APAC Region

Source: Clinical Leader

The Asian-Pacific (APAC) region is one of the fastest growing areas for clinical trials. There are many benefits to conducting trials in the region, including low cost, ease of regulatory compliance, a growing patient population, and the presence of top clinical institutions. The APAC CRO market was valued at $7.6 billion in 2021 and is forecasted to reach $12 billion by 2025.

Still, there are challenges that drug developers must be aware of if planning to conduct studies in the APAC region. Those challenges include the lingering impact of COVID, geopolitics, and regulatory idiosyncrasies.

In July 2022 Ed Miseta had the opportunity to sit down with three experts on the APAC region to discuss the benefits and challenges of conducting trials there. In this segment, Michael Young, principal for biomedwoRx Life Sciences Consulting, and Brad Miller, clinical operations director for Biosceptre International discuss the cost advantages of conducting trials in the APAC region.

View the full presentation here.