E-Book | July 31, 2019

CRA Hiring and Fraud

Source: Clinical Leader

Whether you work for a pharma company or a CRO, finding and hiring competent CRAs to work on your trials is likely a primary challenge. The shortage of skilled and experienced CRAs has resulted in turnover and the need for companies to always be engaging with talented individuals. However, one component of the hiring process that most managers would prefer to not have to deal with is fraudulent resumes and candidates that outright lie during the interview process.

This collection of articles will focus on those challenges and help you navigate them successfully. How can you spot fake candidates before inviting them in for an interview? How can you tell when they are lying? And how can you easily spot counterfeit degrees before making an offer to an interviewee? These articles will help you to become an expert at screening out the liars and fake candidates before they get into your hiring funnel.