Article | July 11, 2019

Curtain Call For The Second Annual Study Stakeholder Collaboration Workshop At DIA 2019

Source: TransPerfect

By Christine Morris, Executive Director, Life Sciences Solutions

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End Scene! That’s a wrap on our second DIA global annual meeting workshop, “Setting the Stage for Stakeholder Collaboration.”

We appreciate each and every volunteer “actor” who stepped out of their comfort zone to help bring life to real collaboration scenarios in order to reframe future conversations. If you didn’t make it to the workshop or didn’t hear about it, you can get a quick refresher from one of my previous blog posts. In short, my colleagues from the North Carolina Cary Playwrights’ Forum helped to produce original scripts of real-life study stakeholder collaboration situation, and workshop attendee volunteers then performed stage readings followed by exercises in empathy mapping and discussion. The goal was to provide an alternative way to explore collaboration challenges and provide real methods for understanding and navigating them. With year two under our belts, I’m proud to call it a success. As a professional facilitator, I can’t overstate the importance of the collaboration in action between the playwrights, volunteer actors, and attendees. Their engagement turns an idea into real moment of reflection and learning for all.