Case Study

Custom Software Enhances Decision-Making

Source: Cytel
trend data

AstraZeneca established a quantitative standard decision-making framework across its Early Clinical Development group. While the system was working successfully, AstraZeneca sought to further enhance the efficiency of the existing process by reducing the burden for statisticians, who were creating their own code to generate the required decision plots. The team required a software tool that could create standardized outputs to streamline communication, save time, and extend the framework with additional features.

Cytel Strategic Consulting assigned an expert team of statisticians and software developers to work closely with AstraZeneca counterparts.

Cytel statisticians worked in collaboration with AstraZeneca statisticians to accommodate a Bayesian as well as Frequentist approach within the software interface, extending the established framework.

The software supports various therapeutic areas with a diverse set of clinical endpoints (normal, binomial, survival), as well as different types of interim analyses.