eCOA And Older Users

Source: Signant Health, formerly CRF Bracket

eCOA is a widely accepted method of data collection in trials, but sponsors particularly sometimes ask how older users manage and whether they’re capable. Katie Garner, the Advisor for Therapeutic Areas at CRF Health explains in this video that they feel that they are. She has gathered some hard data and information, speaking to people one-to-one and hearing people’s experiences from the horse’s mouth.

But populations that they generally find can have challenges with eCOA are patients with psychiatric disorders, with cognitive impairment, with dexterity issues, with visual or aural impairment, pediatric patients, and also geriatric patients. And it’s the geriatrics that they are going to be discussing. She covers her expert network project, the network plans, older users, and then the findings from that piece of research, and the conclusions and the next steps.

Signant Health, formerly CRF Bracket