Electronic Data Capture: Control Your Data, Control Your Study

Source: Medrio
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Streamline data, maximize efficiencies, tighten up costs, and reach end goals faster using Medrio’s powerful and intuitive EDC tool.

Clinical trials are complex—using your EDC system shouldn’t be. Imagine an EDC system that can serve as a hub centralizing all source data for your entire study. All clinical data lives there, and everyone who needs it can access it when and how they want to. By using our powerful and intuitive Electronic Data Capture (EDC) tool, you’ll be able to streamline your data, maximize efficiencies, tighten up your costs, and reach your end goal sooner. And the sooner you wrap up a successful trial, the closer we all are to a healthier future.

Clinical Trial Operations Manager Pam manages multiple studies for a large CRO. One of her many tasks is slicing and dicing data to keep her Sponsor informed of a study’s progress. She can’t imagine how she’d manage this—and still maintain her sanity—without a subscription to Medrio’s Electronic Data Collection (EDC). Our EDC gives her complete control of all study data, making it easy for her to run any report she desires. It also gives her access to fantastic customer support, which saved her at 2 a.m. on a Saturday when one of her European study sites had trouble syncing data. 

In one of her more extensive studies, she also added Medrio’s ePRO and eConsent solutions. Both of these products worked seamlessly with the EDC and put all data in her hands in real-time. Under pressure to get that particular study up and running quickly, our EDC also helped Pam achieve FPI in just under three weeks. Pam was one happy and relieved manager.

Feel Confident with Data Collection

What Makes Our EDC Unique?

With our model you can:

  • Expect mid-study changes to be quick – no need to rely on tech support or take your study offline.
  • Allow approved individuals to access your data from multiple devices in multiple locations and at any time of day.
  • Make sure your data is entered quickly and accurately by configuring dynamic branching and edit checks without requiring programming language.
  • Capture data offline – whether you know in advance you’ll be out-of-network, or find yourself unexpectedly without wireless coverage.

How Quickly Can I Achieve First Patient In?

We’re proud to mention that some companies were able to achieve FPI in just seven days when using our system. While this timing isn’t standard, the average time frame for our customers to achieve FPI is just under three weeks — compared to the industry average of 12.

Did You Say FPI in 7 Days?

Is EDC Affordable and Functional?

You bet! At Medrio, we believe in full transparency, and our pricing is no different. Regardless of what you may have experienced with EDC pricing in the past, you’ll have no hidden fees, no configuration, and no surprises with us.

Can You Tell Me More?

Is Medrio’s EDC Compliant?

Yes, and to the strictest of standards. Our EDC meets or exceeds all global data collection regulations, such as ICH/GCP,21 CFR, GDPR, and HIPAA. You can focus on your trial with complete confidence that your data is compliant.