White Paper

eTMF + IRB Integration = Efficiency

Source: TransPerfect
eTMF + IRB Integration = Efficiency

By Michael Smyth, TransPerfect Life Sciences Solutions and Betsy Fallen, BAFallen Consulting LLC for TransPerfect Life Sciences

The integration of the TransPerfect Life Sciences electronic Trial Master File (eTMF), Trial Interactive, with an Institutional Review Board (IRB) system offers the opportunity for automated oversight, resource optimization, compliance, and an improved patient experience. It also serves as a proof-of-concept to explore opportunities for more integrations.

This white paper explores the concept of systems integration—such as Trial Interactive and an IRB system—as a driver of industry momentum toward the shared vision of a paperless environment for all clinical trials. While regulations and best practices have continued to encourage a shift away from paper, it is the demonstrated value and ROI of integrations that will truly accelerate eTMF adoption. Until full adoption occurs, it is a missed opportunity for the industry to ultimately improve patient safety.