FSP for Biotech

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An FSP model designed for biotech
Functional Service Provider models have long been associated with large pharma companies, outsourcing departments, and off-shoring practices that emphasize low cost over quality and scale over thoughtful program management.

At Rho, we’ve re-imagined the FSP model with our biotech clients in mind.

We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to FSP, and instead will work with you to develop a bespoke model that will be right-sized for your development program. We provide all the benefits of a traditional FSP model—flexibility, efficiency, and consistency—along with access to biometric tools and insights usually available only to larger pharmaceutical companies, coupled with a commitment to your program that only a CRO like Rho can provide.

Outsourcing program-level biometrics to our teams ensures your development program is in the hands of industry-leading experts with a 35+ year history of excellence in biometrics and a proven track record of successful product approvals and virtual clinical trials. Your program will benefit from our analytical and integrated approach to data collection, management, and analysis, which provides data-driven, real-time insights essential in guiding both clinical trial execution and marketing application development.

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