FSP Model

Source: KPS Life LLC
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KPS Life offers a smaller, and smarter, alternative. We bring “A-Team” resources that are 100% dedicated to our Sponsors — and create a collaborative, supportive process where you maintain complete control of operations.

The FSP Model, Reimagined

Yes, we’ve built the finest network of clinical professionals in the industry. But finding ideal resources for Sponsors is just one small part of a much larger, more comprehensive, more impactful process. Our comprehensive, next-generation FSP model:

  • Increases the quality of the work — to accelerate results
  • Reduces costs by eliminating the need for additional FT staff
  • Earns more return for the Sponsor’s R&D investment
  • Provides first-rate talent with significantly less turnover (~7%)
  • Delivers the Sponsor absolute control of the clinical trial process
  • Enables complete flexibility & scalability — to adapt to any change

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