White Paper

Future Trends For Online EDC In Clinical Studies: INTrial© Application On PCs, Tablets and Smartphones

Source: Kantar Health

The positive effect of electronic data capture (EDC) on the increase of data quality and on the decrease of time to generate clean data is well known. Today the question no longer is “Shall we use EDC instead of paper work?” but to gain insight in the advantages and pitfalls of the various solutions available.

INTrial© is Kantar Health’ proprietary EDC platform combining more than 30 years of Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) expertise with professional competence in application service provision. INTrial© provides a comprehensive suite of frontend and backend solutions integrating:

  • Study management features to closely track the administration of pre and post enrolment tasks
  • Online data capture with multi-language support
  • Data management and monitoring tools for query processing, various ways of data locking and an extended range of validation possibilities
  • SAE dialogue with direct communication to pharmacovigilance