Article | June 9, 2020

Globalization Of Clinical Trial Registration In Light Of COVID-19

Source: TransPerfect

By Adiba Kausar, Medical Writer, TransPerfect Life Sciences

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As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) circulates the globe, it has become the foremost topic of discussion—from social platforms to global news channels. For most, it has become a daily routine to check the most recent updates on this deadly crisis. The general public is now heavily engaged in the latest advancements in COVID-19 treatments and vaccinations. Public audiences are in search of news regarding vaccine development, treatment options, and precautionary measures to battle this disease. Should pharmaceutical companies be concerned with the implications of this sudden surge of interest in medical research?

Under growing public and legislative pressure, pharmaceutical companies are inclined to provide more information about their current drug development to restore public trust. The issue of transparency in the pharmaceutical industry is not new, and COVID-19 places the industry under further scrutiny in terms of clinical development and disclosure of trial results—the general public is more curious about drug development than ever. By being transparent, we decrease the likelihood of misinformation while simultaneously improving the public’s likelihood of volunteering for trials. In this case, individuals are more willing to volunteer for COVID-19 vaccine and treatment trials.

Clinical trial registration plays a key role in open knowledge sharing and the evaluation of clinical interventions. Registries can be used to generate annual reports, track epidemiological studies, and compare treatment performances, study combination therapies, and monitor physicians’ conduct. In particular, evidence-based prescription guidelines can be based on publicly disclosed clinical trial reviews. This might have particular implications for COVID-19 treatments.

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