News | October 23, 2023

Halloran Celebrates 25th Anniversary Milestone

Halloran Consulting Group (Halloran) proudly celebrates its 25th year anniversary. Halloran has partnered with over 3,000 life science clients resulting in meaningful relationships and outcomes to improve human health. Halloran is proud to serve their pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device clients across all stages of growth to build long-term partnerships solving complex product development challenges.

“When I started this company, I never thought it would be so impactful to our ecosystem. We have supported and contributed to thousands of programs and companies of all sizes and shapes. I am really looking forward to the next stage of growth and what we can do for the future of the life science industry,” stated Laurie Halloran, CEO, Halloran Consulting Group.

As Halloran reflects on its history and looks to the future ahead, they have adjusted its executive leadership team to align with its long-term corporate strategy. Laurie Halloran, former CEO and President, is now CEO and has appointed Tania Zieja (former Chief Financial Officer) as President. Additional appointments include Katie McCarthy, Chief Innovation Officer (former Chief Development Officer), Brittany Sipos, Chief Operations Officer (former Vice president of Operations), and Melissa Radomski, Chief Financial Officer, a newly appointed position.

Halloran also announces the creation of a senior leadership team pulling from current employees, including Gail Winslow, Head of Marketing; Chris Kavlick, Head of Sales; Michelle Schneller, Head of People and Experience; Mike Flatley, Head of Consulting Business Operations; and Sheila Gwizdak, Head of Consulting.

“We have incredible talent here at Halloran and I am humbled every single day to have the opportunity to work alongside so many experts in our industry who choose to work at Halloran. We hand-selected each senior leadership team member by focusing on their past contributions, expertise, and strengths. Each member of the executive and senior leadership team has a clear focus on their respective key business driver allowing them to use their unique skill set to enable Halloran to achieve its next stage of growth,” stated Tania Zieja, President, Halloran Consulting Group.

The senior leadership team is created to drive corporate transformation by aligning internal structure to drive strategy through an enhanced operating model, revamped processes, and a culture fostered by company-wide connection and communication.

Halloran’s new appointments and revised leadership structure positions Halloran to advance to the next phase of strategic corporate maturity to serve the life science community and provide its employees with enhanced cross-functional communication.

About Halloran Consulting Group

Halloran Consulting Group is a life science consulting firm providing strategic, regulatory, quality, clinical, and organizational support to industry leaders and startup visionaries in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device sectors. Halloran’s consultants are subject matter experts who deliver a tailored approach to each engagement, successfully propelling their clients to their next inflection point.

Source: Halloran Consulting