Webinar | June 2, 2017

Implementing Basket/Bucket And Umbrella Designs: What You Need to Know For Global Oncology Trials

Source: Covance

Recent successes in the treatment of cancer have led to more complex trials such as master protocols using basket (or bucket) and umbrella designs. These combination designs, with or without cancer immunotherapy treatments, require careful deliberations to optimize dosages and include multiple tumor types in expansion cohorts. Making informed decisions in study design for your basket/bucket or umbrella trials requires relevant and timely evidence-based data.

This webinar will focus on some of the challenges faced in executing a complex global oncology trial. You will learn operational strategies to:

  • Make judicious selection of sites that have a proven track record for recruiting to oncology trials including multiple tumor types
  • Adapt your trial execution plan in response to emerging data from the development program, competitor data or health authority feedback
  • Plan ahead for regulatory approvals (and reimbursement) for successive indications and lines of treatment

We’ll also discuss the challenges around tumor tissue collection for archival, screening, sampling along with methods to support biomarker assays and optimize biomarker data availability.

Please join our experts with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. You’ll get up to speed on the rapidly evolving competitive clinical trial landscape in oncology and gain new insights on how to optimize your basket/bucket and umbrella designs.