White Paper

Implementing Patient-Centric Principles in Asthma Research

Source: Rho

By Shann Williams, Project Management Operational, Service Leader, Rho

Implementing Patient-Centric Principles in Asthma Research

The term patient centricity is fraught with uncertainty for many. This term carries the nuances of widely varying practical application methods as well as theoretical disagreements from stakeholders in our industry.

Although it is understandable that we would be intimidated by the lack of regulatory guidance and the uncertainties of taking on risks in any relatively new area, I would argue that this isn’t rocket science. Some of the same practices we have known about for years that make for successful studies can be implemented to  demystify patient centricity and provide a starting place. Here, we’ll share simple, actionable, “bite-sized” strategies we’ve employed on asthma studies to provide a more patient centric approach.

Two high-level patient-centric concepts that we’ve learned from years of clinical and community-based asthma research can have positive impacts on studies are: easing patient burden and effective communications. These strategies fall into the category of “study volunteer ease” which was found to have the biggest  bang for a relatively small investment by this DIA/Tufts study.