Improve the Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria for Your Next Clinical Trial

Source: Rho

Adherence to inclusion and exclusion criteria is essential to the successful execution of a clinical trial. Deviations from these criteria must be avoided because they can jeopardize scientific integrity, regulatory acceptability, or the safety of subjects in the study. In this webinar, Dr. Modell will provide suggestions and advice on formulating inclusion and exclusion criteria to enhance the quality of subject selection, minimize protocol violations, and avoid protocol amendments.

Jack Modell, M.D., Rho's Senior Medical Officer, is a board-certified psychiatrist with 30 years of experience in clinical research, teaching, and patient care including 10 years of experience in clinical drug development (phases 2 through 4), medical affairs, successful NDA filings, medical governance, drug safety, compliance, and management in the pharmaceutical industry. His specialties and expertise include neuroscience, psychopharmacology, drug development, clinical research, medical governance, and clinical diagnosis and treatment.