Article | March 23, 2021

Improve Training, Increase Participation, Reduce Redundancy, & Cut Costs: Why Virtual Site Training Is The New Norm

Source: WCG

By Brian Schilb

COVID 19 Virtual Conference

The use of virtual training through web-based meetings existed long before COVID-19, but the pandemic made web-based on-demand training the new norm, particularly for clinical trials.

This shift allows us to compare online site training to in-person training, and the results are dramatic. Based on our work with clients, WCG Trifecta found that delivering on-demand training reduces training costs by 60%, cuts site training time by 50%, and gets enrollment started 55 days faster.

Why is there such a significant difference? It comes down to redundancy. Site training content often overlaps from study to study, and clinical site teams frequently must complete training for a new trial that is identical or nearly identical to training they’ve previously completed for another project. This is not only wasteful, but frustrating for investigators and site staff.

Eliminate redundancy, and you solve both problems. Consider the experience of one biopharma sponsor using virtual site training: Over four years working with Trifecta, clinical site staff were exempted from 98,166 hours of redundant training. That’s more than 4,000 days.

That represents just one aspect of the larger cost-savings picture. The savings on air travel, lodging, dining, and other expenses connected with an in-person meeting are substantial. Sponsors can then invest those savings into more training or other aspects of clinical development.

Check out this article to learn more on how virtual site training can help increase site participation, reduce redundancies, and cut costs.

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