Article | March 13, 2019

Industrializing OpEx In Clinical Trials

Source: Cenduit LLC

By Jinu Jose, Vice President, Operations


Operational excellence (OpEx) is often described as a journey that organizations take to consistently improve the value of their offerings to customers, stakeholders/shareholders and employees.

At Cenduit, the ongoing journey is hyper-focused on customer problem solving. Our specialized global/localized project management teams partner daily with sponsors and other eClinical stakeholders to work through some of the most crucial, data-driven challenges facing studies: highly variable demand cycles, further de-risking the business, and increasingly inexperienced interactive response technology (IRT) stakeholders.

Our focus over the past several years has been on applying interventions driven by data, expert insights and in-depth analysis.  Continuous improvement, problem solving and managed innovation are the DNA of our teams, championed within every aspect of our organization.

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