Article | May 30, 2019

Innovation, Quality & Expertise – Keys To The Post-Brexit Clinical Landscape

Source: Cenduit LLC

By Tom Harris, Project Manager; and Kate Godwin-Smith, Associate Director of Project Management, at Cenduit’s UK operation


Brexit has, and will continue to have, a profound impact on clinical trials in the UK and throughout Europe. While no one can know precisely what that long-term impact will be, pharma companies must be ready to adjust quickly.

Many sponsors might have teams dedicated to a post-Brexit clinical landscape – and might have already formulated a plan – but much is still unknown as we enter into new, unchartered territory. For many sponsors, this scenario will be especially relevant for inventory registered within an IRT system manufactured and packaged outside the UK, with the need to be imported in-country. We must always remember that at the end of every potential change, there is a patient who needs to get their drug on time.

Let’s look at one of most vitals area of concern: drug depots.