IRT System For Clinical Trials: IXRS®3

Source: Almac Clinical Technologies


Used in more than 2,000 clinical trials and at over 130,000 sites around the world
Over the past several years, clinical trials have become increasingly intricate. Study sponsors now aim to satisfy multiple objectives within a single, more complex protocol. As the level of complexity grows, it’s imperative that the technology employed to capture this critical data keeps up. We have earned a reputation for providing a level of flexibility that is unmatched in the industry.

Available in multiple modalities, our market-leading solution for patient randomization and trial supply management is the most configurable and customizable response technology available. From Phase I through to IV, simple designs to complex adaptive trials, IXRS®3 easily accommodate any permutation of study objectives.

IXRS®3 – Intuitive, sophisticated and reliable

IXRS®3 offers an intuitive and logical way to manage the key components of clinical trials including: screening, randomization, dosing, drug supply/inventory management, patient tracking, clinical outcomes assessments and more – providing access to pertinent data points and actionable insight across studies and programs.

Our sophisticated supply management capabilities, allow our Project Managers to collaborate with sponsor teams to find the optimal balance of inventory to minimize supply costs and  maximize successful patient resupply throughout your study.