JetConvert SDTM Automation

Working At Computer

Discover a SDTM submission ready package in 3 weeks with superior quality and at least 25% less cost compared to the industry average.

How is that possible?

Zero SAS & Zero Programming

  • Even for the most complex conversion scenarios…

Robust Machine Learning Layer

  • Handling over 80% of the conversion

Integrated Data Validation

  • Covering all CDISC, FDA and PMDA validation rules

Forward and Backward Data Traceability

  • For every single data point!

Why should you use JetConvert?

SDTM Submission Ready Package In Record Time

  • Get a full submission-ready package faster than any other solution, along with proven superior quality

Fast And Frequent Reruns

  • Get frequent SDTM reruns, enabling you to easily see the differences between reruns

Data Review Visualizations

  • Review your data with out-of-the box visualizations, on top of your SDTM data, to quickly find data anomalies. See BioGRID for more information.

Centralized Data Repository

  • Store all your raw clinical data in a single easy to access central database

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