News | October 25, 2016

Life Science Providers Deploy Comprehend Systems' Clinical Intelligence Suite To Improve The Speed And Quality Of Clinical Trials

With growing complexity of clinical trials, clinical teams are increasingly asked to meet trial milestones on-time with fewer resources. To meet these challenges, two leading life sciences companies, including Jazz Pharmaceuticals, this month deployed the Clinical Intelligence Suite recently launched by Comprehend Systems, Inc. Clinical Intelligence Suite delivers powerful capabilities to intelligently unify, monitor, and analyze clinical data across CROs, studies and systems.  Together, these capabilities are transformative in nature, enabling clinical research teams to improve speed, efficiency, and data quality across the trial portfolio.  Comprehend’s Clinical Intelligence Suite is delivering speed for Jazz, and the most demanding clinical teams - from Clinical Operations and Data Management to Clinical Development and Medical Monitors.

A top medical device provider is also working with Comprehend. This provider is using ClinOps Insights to significantly reduce clinical trial cycle times to beat other devices to market.

  • “We were familiar with other tools on the market but they required strong technical expertise and familiarity with clinical data.  Typically, analytics take 20 - 180 minutes to render.  Clinical operations analytics were almost impossible.” says their Clinical Data Management Executive.
  • “Comprehend is truly real-time and enables us to visualize our study status, react to small issues before they become large, and deliver quality data throughout our clinical operations.  Time to program and run analytics is no longer a bottleneck.”

Comprehend Systems is excited to deliver this diverse set of use cases for their partners. “Whether improving the collaboration between sponsors and their CROs, reducing the cycle time for the competitive medical device industry, or affordably implementing risk-based monitoring, we work closely with our customers to meet their particular study goals,” says Rick Morrison, CEO of Comprehend Systems. “Our team is excited to work with these leading companies to increase the speed to quality results, and, in turn, more quickly deliver treatments to patients.”

About Comprehend Systems, Inc
Comprehend offers a suite of Clinical Intelligence applications that enables ClinOps Execs, Data Managers and Medical Monitors to significantly improve the speed, safety and quality of a portfolio of clinical trials across studies, sites and CROs. Comprehend’s Clinical Intelligence Suite is particularly effective for centralized monitoring, risk monitoring, CRO oversight, and medical monitoring initiatives.  The Suite includes:

  • ClinOps Insights optimizes the portfolio oversight, enrollment, subject compliance and site productivity processes that enable ClinOps teams to deliver milestones on time
  • Centralized Monitoring enables ClinOps to proactively manage studies to risk thresholds and optimize site resource allocation to keep studies on time and within budget
  • Medical Insights provides Medical Monitors with continuous insights into medical outliers and trends so they are able to conduct speedy investigation into efficacy and safety issues to lower risk and deliver quality results
  • KPI Studio - a cross-application add-on - empowers Data Management teams to efficiently create organization specific KPIs, KRIs, monitors and analytics that scale with portfolio needs

The Suite is built upon Comprehend’s industry leading Clinical Intelligence Platform, which allows the applications to work as a single cloud-based solution with powerful data aggregation, real-time monitoring, statistical analysis, and team collaboration capabilities.

Comprehend gives life sciences companies a new source of competitiveness and the confidence to deliver high quality clinical trial submissions at a new speed.

Comprehend:  the speed to quality results.

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Source: Comprehend Systems, Inc