Brochure | December 30, 2008

Product Brochure: Modu-C Low Speed Capsule Filling Machine

harro hofliger

The Modu-C is the most flexible capsule filling and closing machine available. It is designed to allow integration of various systems for dosing tablets, pellets, powders and liquids — as single components, or in any combination. But the true flexibility of the Modu-C is evident in the powder dosing technology. Four different powder dosing systems are available — tamping, dosator with compaction, dosator with vacuum and vacuum drum. These dosing systems are mounted on plug-and-play trolleys for fast and easy exchange, enabling the user to select and quickly install the most appropriate dosing system for any powder, regardless of the properties or fill volume.

All powders differ in terms of flow characteristics, compaction, etc. Due to these differing properties, each powder requires the appropriate dosing system to achieve accurate, efficient filling with minimal powder loss. The Modu-C offers this capability for cost-effective production in the high performance range.

Pharmaceutical powders typically use very high-grade, costly materials. The Modu-C is designed for efficient material processing with extremely small residual quantities of powder. Fill volumes in the micro-range, with fill amounts as low as 1 mg or less can be dosed. With this capability, the Modu-C clearly stands out from other capsule filling machines.