White Paper

Molecular Profiling In Oncology: From Understanding The Biology To Understanding The Treatment

Source: Chiltern

By Victoria Allgood PhD, Global Director, Scientific Affairs, Chiltern

Despite decades of cancer research, there is still a great need for early detection, prevention and effective treatments for the disease. Molecular profiling in oncology promises to help identify strategies that could be used to meet these needs.

Using Molecular Profiling in Drug Development
Molecular profiling has evolved from advancements in the basic science and understanding of the biology of cancer, including cancer development and progression. These breakthroughs are underpinned by the development of innovative and adaptive technologies, particularly in screening and early detection, imaging, and molecular analysis methodologies, as well as the ability to process large amounts of data efficiently. Taken together, this means that cancer treatment is now about more than just cytotoxic drugs to treat broad categories of disease and is becoming much more tailored or individualized.