Brochure | May 10, 2019

Observational Studies Brochure

Source: United BioSource LLC (UBC)

Including Natural History Studies, Product Exposure Registries and Pregnancy Registries

UBC offers strategic, scientifically rigorous studies designed to address stakeholder-driven evidence requirements. UBC is an industry leader in pharmacoepidemiology, including the design and global implementation of observational cohort studies, registries, large streamlined studies and other observational programs, such as ad hoc studies, database studies and chart reviews.

A Trusted Leader in Epidemiological Design and Study Implementation

UBC’s epidemiological approach to observational studies focuses on specifying precise and clear research questions and collecting the relevant variables and endpoints that will fulfill the study objectives. We know that the implementation of observational studies is as important as their design. Selection of the right design takes into account practicalities along with timing and budgetary constraints.