White Paper

Partnering Solutions For Emerging Biopharma: Alternative Outsourcing Strategies

Source: IQVIA Biotech
CL_Partnering Solutions for Emerging Biopharma

Today, EBP (emerging biopharma) organizations play an increasingly crucial role in bringing new therapies, devices and diagnostics to healthcare providers and patients across a range of therapeutic areas and unmet medical need.

EBP companies typically have a laser focus on one or two assets, ranging from start-up to more mature, and formal to virtual organizations. Their pipelines are robust, with over 4,700 drug indication programs under development, equivalent to 71% of the entire global industry pipeline according to a recent BIO Industry analysis.

With EBP companies serving as a high-growth innovation engine, large and mid-biopharma organizations, public and private investors and other stakeholders are demanding a strong strategy aimed at demonstrating, driving and delivering the highest possible return on investment. The modern day EBP executive team seeking novel approaches to achieve this is increasingly exploring fully collaborative outsourcing arrangements with service providers as a major component of their overall organizational strategy.

This paper is the first part of a series of articles aimed at helping the EBP executive and his/her team members better assess the value of a “partnered” outsourcing approach across the continuum of development and commercialization, and potential approaches to mapping out the right fit for their organizational needs. Throughout this paper the term “partnered” is used to describe collaborative service engagements between EBPs and global clinical development and commercial service providers, and should not be misinterpreted as a financial investment by a service provider.