White Paper

Patient-Centric Trials: Overcome Enrollment Challenges By Putting Patients First

Source: Biorasi

By Wayne Bowden and Kurt Gehlsen, P.h.D


Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies spend years and hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions of dollars, to bring a drug to market that benefits patients. During the drug development process, patient input is required. And today, it's obtained earlier than ever before.

Increasingly, healthcare organizations have reduced emergency room visits, readmissions, and length of stay by leveraging the voice of the patient. Health organizations are thus finding ways to increase value and lower costs by focusing on the patient and physician-patient relationship.

The pharmaceutical industry needs a similar dual focus. Just as patients have a stronger voice in today’s healthcare marketplace, that voice should resonate earlier in the drug development process. By adopting a patient-centric approach during protocol design and in day-to-day study management, sponsors can expect improved patient enrollment and retention, as well as a cleaner study with definitive outcomes