Product Safety

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Product Safety

WCG offers the only global safety reporting solution and PV services that have been demonstrated to increase compliance and improve patient safety, while reducing cost and streamlining operations.

About Safety Portal

Safety Portal is the only technology-enabled solution to measurably improve the safety distribution process. Leveraging global expertise and proprietary technology, Safety Portal addresses the three main sources of sponsor frustration:

  • Lack of harmonization among global reporting rules, which are complicated and vary by country
  • Difficulty determining causality
  • Fear of non-compliance and regulatory repercussion

Safety Portal: The Leading Safety Reporting Solution

Automate Compliance

Ensure that you remain compliant in all active countries. Safety Portal is the only solution that offers built-in distribution rules for 110 countries, guaranteeing that investigators around the world receive the appropriate distributions – and that their acknowledgements are tracked – in real-time.

Increase Safety

Increase patient safety by reducing site burden. Safety Portal eliminates duplicative reports and filters documents based on country-specific rules and regulations, allowing investigators to focus on relevant safety content and easily recognize new safety signals as they emerge.

Eliminate Brute Force Processes

Complete global distribution – at the compound level – in minutes. By harnessing the power of electronic delivery and gap pack automation, Safety Portal ensures the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of safety letter distribution.

Reduce Cost

Drastically decrease he cost of distributing and monitoring global safety reports. Safety Portal prevents over-reporting and eliminates the need for manual and brute force processes, allowing clients enjoy a dramatic reduction in their overall cost of distribution

Causality-driven Engine

Safety Portal’s causality-driven engine filters documents based on each country’s individual causality determinants. This proprietary algorithm ensures that investigators receive only documents which they are obligated to review.




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