Article | June 29, 2020

Recruitment & Retention In Pediatric Clinical Research Trials

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What comes to mind when you encounter the phrase "R and R?" Time off from work? Two weeks in a tropical resort with nothing to occupy your mind but ocean breezes, colorful cocktails, and a novel or two?

For Janelle Allen, Project Manager and Research Coordinator in the Pain Research Center at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, "R and R" refers to the recruitment and retention of patients in clinical research studies.

A Certified Clinical Research Professional, Janelle serves as the Chair of the Leadership Council of Clinical Research Professionals. She earned a Master of Science in Physiology and Neuroscience from Miami University, where she also is a faculty member in the Department of Biology. Allen also served on the 2014 OHRP Research Community Forum Planning Committee.

Allen has devoted the past 20 years to research on state-based care centers and services, developmental biology, neurophysiology, and neurobehavior, quality engineering, analytical and quality project review, molecular cardiovascular medicine, infectious disease, child behavior and nutrition, headache and migraine, and pain. Given her experience and background it is easy to see why Allen has developed a deep respect and appreciation for those who volunteer as research subjects, as well as a remarkable depth of expertise in recruiting and retaining those subjects.

This article reflects Allen's expertise with an in-depth look at best-practices that can be applied to meeting your organization's recruitment and retention goals -- and maybe earn yourself a little of the kind of "R and R" that requires sunscreen.

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