Brochure | July 14, 2020

Rendering Clinical Research Pandemic-Proof

Source: Complion
COVID-19 Clinical Trials.jpg

Cities and countries enact shelter-in-place policies, shuttering businesses while cancelling conferences and events, the COVID-19 pandemic has really upended the globe. While many measures have been taken in the name of social distancing, much attention—and rightly so—is focused on the drugs that biopharma industry is developing to treat COVID-19. Evidently, the ongoing pandemic is clearly, immediately, and drastically changing the way clinical research is being conducted.

Clinical trials demand patient travel, doctors, and clinical space—all pinched by the rapid spread of COVID-19. These delays could extend an already lengthy process to get drugs to market. And they may cut off a lifeline for patients willing to try a drug before it gets regulatory approval. The need of the hour is for solutions that allow staff involved on all sides of this equation—sites, sponsors and CROs—to do their work effectively and efficiently even while needing to distance from one another. And that’s where Complion comes in. “As a research community, especially now, we believe that the industry cannot afford to stop this work or sacrifice the quality of the work until the pandemic is controlled,” says Rick Arlow, the CEO of Complion.

A leading eRegulatory solution for high-performing clinical research sites, Complion has remained focused on site regulatory document management while enhancing its solutions for sponsors and monitors involved in that process and responsible for the final submission. “We are here to help provide innovative and urgent solutions for trials during this time, including those specific to COVID-19, to help ensure high quality and cost-effective monitoring,” says Arlow.

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