Article | May 30, 2019

Service Excellence: The Cornerstone Of Quality Clinical Trials

Source: Cenduit LLC

By Chris Flint, Director of Client Delivery

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In March of this year, I had the privilege of presenting at the CTS Europe Conference on the topic, “Evolution of Technology and Service for Successful IRT Implementation.” My presentation discussed the importance of effectively using eClinical technology in today’s increasingly complex clinical trials, backed by service excellence.  

A clinical trial ideally functions as a partnership among all stakeholders – sponsor, CRO, sites, patients, and eClinical technology providers. In essence, a service agreement between the sponsor and the eClinical provider ensures that both sides deliver on their commitments and do what they say they will, for all stakeholders.

CTS Europe was no different. The feedback from attendees at my presentation and conference participants is that sponsors and CROs are not getting adequate eClinical technology service and support. This is especially true in the case of some providers who seem to have tacked IRT systems onto eClinical suites, almost as a checkmark, without forethought toward designing for change or potential protocol amendments along the trial’s lifecycle.