White Paper

3 Decisions That Impact Shipping High-Value Active Packaging Containers

Source: World Courier Management

It is the dead of winter in the northern hemisphere and the height of summer in the southern, with external temperature fluctuations exceeding 50 degrees. Flight delays have added precious days to the transport of your multi-million dollar shipment of blockbuster drug from South East Asia destined for Russia. In France, the roads are closed for days due to a monster snowstorm, with your irreplaceable shipment of investigational drugs stopped somewhere en route between Paris and the clinical trial site. Will all be lost, or can informed choices made before the shipment departs ensure product safety despite unforeseen circumstances?

The worldwide distribution of high-value temperature-controlled IMPs and pharmaceutical products presents significant challenge to shippers dedicated to ensuring product quality and patient safety.

From the selection of a packaging/container system to the choice of a logistics provider and its adherence to best transport practice, the wrong choices can result in significant product and financial loss, disrupt the supply chain and production schedules, expose the company to unnecessary risk and loss of reputation and ultimately jeopardize patient safety. This technical paper examines three key factors that can help shippers optimize global temperature-controlled pharmaceutical distribution.