Site Augmentation

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Site Aug

Interested in learning more about how you can meet your enrollment milestones by supporting the entire patient journey? Our WCG Site Augmentation experts are here to help your study team navigate the growing challenges of clinical research.

How do you know if your clinical research sites are prioritizing your trial? Do you have the resources necessary to effectively run your upcoming study?

In an increasingly constrained clinical trial environment – where the demand of clinical trial volume and complexity has outpaced the supply of principal investigator participation – sites can no longer sustainably support clinical research. And yet, leading sponsors and CROs are charting the path to attain more focused trial coverage, long-lasting site relationships, and an edge over their competitors using WCG Site Augmentation.

From enrollment acceleration to administrative site support, our highly trained clinical research professionals provide the right resources to overburdened study teams at just the right time. Discover how you can mitigate staffing shortages and constraints using the tailored support of WCG CRCs, Study Coordinators, and Clinical Research Nurses. Contact our Site Augmentation team to get started.