White Paper

White Paper: Software To Automate The Analysis And Reporting Of Standard Clinical Pharmacokinetic Studies

WinNonlin® AutoPilot™ is a configurable software application for WinNonlin® that automates the creation of presentation-quality tables, graphs, and text that can be directly inserted into documents, such as presentations and reports for regulatory submissions. It provides the infrastructure and tools to manage and effectively automate common or repetitive data transformations, PK analyses, inferential statistics (bioequivalence testing), and creation of report-ready PK output for the most common PK studies. Its flexible user interface allows extensive configuration of formatting and business rules that apply in the generation of these analyses, enabling PK outputs to reflect the specific requirements and SOPs of each research organization. WinNonlin AutoPilot can be used on a standalone basis with WinNonlin, and when used in conjunction with Pharsight Knowledgebase Server™ and PKS Reporter™, WinNonlin AutoPilot can further enhance productivity gains with the addition of regulatory-compliant workflows and automated report generation.