Case Study

Sourcing For Savings Case Study

Source: INC Research/inVentiv Health

To help the client overcome these challenges, inVentiv Health formed a strategic partnership with the biopharmaceutical company and took over responsibility for all of its trial-level clinical data management activities in the United States. Using a functional service provision (FSP) team, inVentiv Health Clinical employed the following to help the sponsor achieve its objectives:

Effective utilization of resources
inVentiv Health hired the experienced personnel, previously employed by the biopharmaceutical company, to ensure that it retained knowledge vitally relevant to the clinical trial and therapeutic area. This strategic decision enabled the client to help place employees in new jobs and provided inVentiv Health Clinical with well-informed and talented staff members.

Seamless transitions
inVentiv Health managers moved quickly to ensure the efficient transition of data management activities to the FSP team. They opened a new office in close proximity to the client’s study team. Additionally, inVentiv Health Clinical managers provided the FSP team with ongoing support and training to successfully accomplish its responsibilities, which included the management, coordination and delivery of clinical trial and analysis datasets.

Client service
The inVentiv Health team managed outside vendors on behalf of the client, ensuring the high quality of the project’s deliverables and freeing up the sponsors’ internal study team to tackle more strategic work.

With the right people properly trained and in place on the FSP team, inVentiv Health guided the biopharmaceutical company through the process of moving to their data management work to inVentiv Health Clinical with a deliverables-based model.