News | January 12, 2016

SynteractHCR Becomes Accredited In Medidata Balance To Broaden Randomization And Trial Supply Management Capabilities

Source: Synteract
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SynteractHCR, a leading full-service global contract research organization (CRO), has recently gained accreditation in Medidata’s unified randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) solution Medidata Balance. SynteractHCR’s continued partnership with Medidata, the leading global provider of cloud-based solutions for clinical research in life sciences, is part of the company’s initiative to remain at the forefront of technology to better serve its biopharma customers.

Multiple staff members have become accredited in the Balance module, gaining expertise in such areas as system functionality, system design, system maintenance and support, and pre-bidding protocol evaluation. This accreditation enables SynteractHCR to offer its customers the option of a unified RTSM solution with Medidata’s electronic data capture (EDC) and management system Medidata Rave.

SynteractHCR pursued the accreditation in Balance to bring several advantages to their clients’ clinical trials:

Single sign-on – Clinical users accessing Rave now have the option of randomizing their subjects from within Rave. They no longer need to access a separate interactive web-response (IWR) system to perform randomization and trial supply management.

Reduced data reconciliation – Using a unified EDC and RTSM solution, SynteractHCR will have a single source of data which virtually eliminates the need to reconcile data discrepancies between disparate systems. Also, a rich set of clinical trial supply management features allows for efficient management of trial supplies.

Faster study-startup and testing – Balance allows SynteractHCR the potential to speed study start-up for trials of all therapeutic areas and phases, including complex adaptive trials. As a configurable system, Balance can often be built-out faster than a fully customized system. Balance can be up and running in as little as two to three weeks.

Decreased sponsor and patient risk – Disconnected systems, manual processes, and custom programming create complexity. Errors can put patients at risk. Balance allows SynteractHCR to mitigate these risks by providing a validated, configurable RTSM solution that is unified with Rave.

A Medidata partner since 2010, SynteractHCR has previously been certified on Medidata Rave, Medidata TSDV (targeted source document verification), and Medidata Rave Safety Gateway.

About SynteractHCR
SynteractHCR is a full-service contract research organization with a successful two-decade track record supporting biotechnology, medical device and pharmaceutical companies. SynteractHCR has conducted Phase I-IV studies on six continents and in more than 60 countries, offering expertise across multiple therapeutic areas, with notable depth in oncology, CNS, infectious disease, endocrinology, cardiovascular and respiratory. With its “Shared Work – Shared Vision” philosophy and ICD+ approach, SynteractHCR provides customized services collaboratively and cost effectively to provide “Tomorrow’s Treatments” to the patients who need them.

SOURCE: Synteract