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Tailor your clinical trial development to your specific needs and expedite your treatment's journey to market using Zelta™.

Zelta™ is Merative’s clinical trials solutions business that includes both a clinical data management and acquisition platform (formerly Merative Clinical Development), and consulting, enablement, and extension services.

Control how you accelerate your clinical trials

Take full command of every aspect of your clinical trials and research with Zelta.

Zelta, a unified clinical data management and acquisition platform with customizable modules, can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your clinical trials to accelerate outcomes.

  • Flexibility and scalability: Manage clinical studies and research of all phases, therapeutic areas, levels of complexity, and across geographic locations.

  • Easy to use: Implement and execute research, manage participants, route tasks, and report results to stakeholders from a single, user-friendly interface.

  • Seamless access: Use single sign-on from anywhere in the world to access a unified solution with one code base.


Confidence in every outcome

Access features tailored to support the clinical data management needs of contract research organizations, medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies, and academic research organizations, from start-up to submission.

  • EDC
  • Data integration
  • Query management
  • Study-level reporting
  • Monitoring


Control in every stage

Maximize patient, caregiver, and provider engagement by choosing only what you need from the fully integrated modules that will help accelerate outcomes for that particular study, regardless of the number of participants, level of complexity, or stage.

Clinical Data management and acquisition

Clinical operations

Patient and provider engagement

  • Medical coding with AI
  • Local labs
  • eLearning


Don't settle for one-size fits all

  • Dial in your costs to align with the goals of your specific study by selecting what you need at the study level.

  • Choose the pricing model that works best for you subscription or pay-per-use.

  • Control your study independently through self-service or use our best-in-class support services when you need them.


Don't let your platform slow you down

  • Use the features and functionality you need on a unified platform with a single code base.

  • Maximize efficiency with an intuitive interface.

  • Access one-user experience from anywhere in the world with the convenience of single sign-on.


Don't worry about your solutions

  • Mix solutions from Zelta and our ecosystem partners with plug-and-play APIs to create a truly configurable solution.

  • Protect your data by using a unified, compliant platform that is hosted on a secure and flexible HIPAA-enabled cloud.

  • Call upon certified, experienced designers for support 24/7/365.

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