TrialKit: Your Comprehensive Solution For Non-Interventional Studies

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Elevate Your Clinical Research Data Collection

In the ever-evolving landscape of non-interventional clinical studies, from post-marketing surveillance to observational studies and clinical registries, the demand for a platform that seamlessly adapts to diverse and increasingly complex research methodologies is critical. TrialKit is engineered to meet the unique challenges of integrating vast amounts of data from a broad range of sources, including real-world data (RWD) from wearables, other systems, and other medical devices, ensuring a comprehensive and versatile solution for data collection, monitoring, and management.

Why Choose TrialKit?

The first, and perhaps most obvious, reason for adopting a more versatile clinical trial data platform is the growing diversity of modern study designs. Clinical trials that rely exclusively on participant site visits are becoming rarer, giving way to designs that combine site-based data collection and monitoring with remote data collection and participant engagement through the use of a variety of DCT approaches (ePRO, eConsent, virtual visits, etc.). Any given study, therefore, becomes more unique based on its data collection strategy. Each unique study type has its own set of challenges and requirements, from patient recruitment and retention to data monitoring and analysis. 

  • Unified Web and Mobile Access: Recognizing the critical role of participant engagement and compliance, TrialKit offers a seamless and secure user experience across both web and mobile interfaces. This dual-access approach ensures participants and research teams can interact with data in real-time, from any location, enhancing data richness and reliability.
  • Wearable Device Integration: TrialKit easily incorporates data from wearable technologies, providing a continuous, non-intrusive stream of health information. This enables objective, real-time insights, elevating the quality of your research outcomes.
  • Streamlined Participant Incentivization: Our platform simplifies the reimbursement process, integrating patient payment technologies to maintain participant engagement and minimize dropouts. By embedding reimbursement within the same platform used for data submission, we eliminate common participant grievances, ensuring continued engagement.
  • Uncompromised Privacy and Security: With a commitment to privacy and adherence to global data protection standards, TrialKit fosters an environment of trust and transparency, ensuring the security of participant information.
  • Seamless Interoperability: Our platform supports efficient data exchange by facilitating interoperability with a wide range of data sources and platforms. Data transfers from Electronic Health Records (EHR) to Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems are fast and easy, reducing redundancy and minimizing errors.
  • Enhanced Communication and Multilingual Support: TrialKit’s mobile connectivity features, including SMS notifications and multilingual support, significantly improve patient engagement and maintain high levels of compliance throughout long-term studies.
  • Ultimate Scalability: TrialKit is optimized for ultra large data volume commonly found in non-interventional studies. We’re experienced in handling studies with billions of data points, made possible by secure cloud computing from Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Cloud-Based, Multi-Tenant Architecture: Our cloud-based platform offers a consistent user experience across multiple studies and geographies, supported by single-sign-on (SSO) access and capable of accommodating both open/public and closed registries.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Understanding the budget constraints of non-interventional studies, TrialKit provides flexible pricing models, allowing researchers to tailor solutions to their budgets without compromising on features or facing hidden costs.
  • Reports Made Easy: Easily create customizable reports for any stakeholder group. 
  • Build and Share Databases: TrialKit makes it simple to combine databases, even if they come from disparate sources. You can then store and easily share these databases with full confidence in security, privacy, and accuracy.

TrialKit has given me the flexibility to manage multiple types of studies across all phases of development. Creating eCRFs, ePROs, and ClinROs was a breeze and time saving … It’s also the only EDC that is available through the web and mobile app. TrialKit supports patient-centric remote as well as site-based clinical trials. Building studies and registries in days not weeks, it not only has the flexibility to meet your needs but also makes sure that you are supported all the way from start to finish. 

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One Platform For All Of Your Studies

Embracing TrialKit’s end-to-end clinical trial data platform enables researchers to overcome the challenges of non-interventional studies effectively. With our comprehensive suite of features, including mobile and web accessibility, wearable integration, privacy, compliance, and ease of use, TrialKit is dedicated to enhancing the research experience, ensuring patient engagement, and delivering high-quality data. Discover how TrialKit can transform your research by visiting