News | October 30, 2019

TrialScope Acquires Clinical Trial Connect

Source: TrialScope

TrialScope, the global leader in transparency and disclosure compliance solutions, has acquired Clinical Trial Connect, a platform used by disease foundations and advocacy groups that connects their community members to relevant clinical trials. As part of the acquisition, founder Mike Wenger will share his technological expertise as part of the TrialScope team.

A brain tumor diagnosis led Wenger to develop his own algorithm for matching patients to clinical trials and, ultimately, to founding Clinical Trial Connect. Fortunately for Wenger, the tumor was benign. Now, several years later, Wenger and TrialScope have made the perfect match.

This acquisition delivers rapid innovation to the clinical trial community. The combination of TrialScope and Clinical Trial Connect helps close the gap on some of the industry’s biggest recruiting challenges: structuring of complex clinical trial data, trial data accuracy, and availability and improved trial matching for patients, clinicians and other healthcare providers.

TrialScope, whose customers are clinical trial sponsors, plans on leveraging the technology behind Clinical Trial Connect to enhance its own platform. The result, says CEO Jeff Kozloff, will be the most comprehensive platform for clinical trial transparency and data re-use. He added that TrialScope will build upon the valuable relationships with advocacy groups that Wenger has established.

Similar to TrialScope Engage™, powering clinical trial websites with robust data automation and search functionality, Clinical Trial Connect matches patients searching online for clinical trials. While the goal of both platforms is to help patients find clinical trials, TrialScope Engage™ does so via sponsor websites; Clinical Trial Connect reaches patients through advocacy sites.

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