Newsletter | May 15, 2024

05.15.24 -- Unlocking Innovation: 6 Decades Of DIA's Global Journey

Why In The World Should You Come To San Diego?

Our DIA 2024 Global Annual Meeting (DIA 2024, June 16–20) promises to transcend other annual life science events. There, we'll navigate challenges and unveil solutions in a dynamic and neutral global setting — an immersive experience dedicated to shaping the future of health.


6 Decades Of Impact: DIA’s Global Journey

Explore how DIA navigates the ever-evolving landscape of drug information and healthcare challenges through innovative strategies and initiatives and its steadfast commitment to its foundational pillars: safety, standardization, automation, technology, collaboration, and cooperation.


Cancer Treatment: Advances In The 20th And 21st Centuries

As one delves into the annals of cancer research history, the astounding pace of drug discovery and development, coupled with the emergence of multimodal and multidisciplinary innovations, evokes a sense of wonder. Within this landscape, the potential for breakthroughs appears boundless, all while steadfastly upholding ethical standards.


Globalization: The DNA Of DIA

Tune in to hear a special message from Minnie Baylor-Henry, former DIA board president, as she shares invaluable insights and reflections with DIA during its historic 60th Anniversary celebration in 2024, offering a unique perspective to its esteemed members.


Patient And Public Involvement – Stranded On The Adoption Curve?

By elucidating the barriers impeding progress on the PPI adoption curve and offering actionable insights, this article aims to catalyze renewed efforts toward harnessing the full potential of patient engagement in shaping the future of healthcare delivery.